New Patient part 1.pdf New Patient part 1.pdf
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New Patient part 2.pdf New Patient part 2.pdf
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Basic Dumbbell Workout.pdf Basic Dumbbell Workout.pdf
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Full Body Workout.pdf Full Body Workout.pdf
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Golf Training part 1.pdf Golf Training part 1.pdf
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Golf Training part 2.pdf Golf Training part 2.pdf
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DISH form.pdf DISH form.pdf
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If you are a new patient to our office you will need to fill out some forms.

To save time you can fill out the first two forms on the left, print them and bring them with you to your first visit.

Of course if you prefer, you can do the paper work here at the office.

Most Major Medical Health Insurances are accepted.  We also handle Car Accidents (No Fault), Workers Compensation and Personal Injury cases. A cash payment plan is also available.

Please call us (516) 731-3439 to find out your insurances coverage for chiropractic care.